pátek 23. listopadu 2012

Supermassive Muse Power

It was astonishing and stunning at the same time

It is indeed hard do express all I would love to. Everyone knows that Muse work in whole different dimension of creating their kraft but this was way higher lever then anything I ever saw and maybe If I was older with the great pleasure of seeing either Queen or Led Zeppelin live I might be bit more humble but I didn't and by all its factors this was the best show I ever saw and I don't think anyone could beat this .... well mabye Muse again. 

It was not only spectacular laser and visual show which fitted each song with perfection it was also musicaly brilliant. Bellamy's vocals are one hell of thing to envy and he did prove that once more. To talk about his piano or guitar skill would be wasted time. 

But there are no Muse without Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme whose not just backing vocals this year had been spectacular

It might seem that I am not fair, saying only good things but you go and then say something against  it. 

I have one word - magnificent.

So yeah, if you don't have any ticket so far, go for it. 
Worth every penny. 

úterý 29. května 2012

Forget the time - It's spacey wacey now

Last time I posted some try of space kraft via photoshop this time I used what I already did and recreated it into something more to my liking!

To create that I also did, separatly, few nebulas. Lately I've been rather fascinated by these interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium et cetera.

Here it goes then.

středa 9. května 2012

Universe versus Time Portal

Few days back I tried again some little playing around with photoshop and I thought:
"Hey, I never done anything out of blue abstract."
So I gave that a try and I dont think it's half that bad, normaly I'd go with these stuffs only with some tutorials but to this is my first self-abstract-making.

I would be sublimely happy if you commented on these on my DeviantArt account here, lot thanks. 

So hope you people like it. One is simply universe and second is with kind of time portal.



Peace out,

sobota 5. května 2012


Me loving Doctor Who series is nothing new amongs the sun. Yesterday I had bit of time but yet not so much.  Anyway, I played with bit of lines and created this liney-wimey TARDIS.

Also got it as an .png file so perhaps I create some T-shirt. If any of you wanted the .png version just contact me. No harm done. :)


pondělí 5. března 2012

The Gray


Neeson. Sound. Melancholy.
These three words describe this movie to me.

The Gray is new, lets say, horror/triller/drama movie about group of few men which survived plane crash in middle of Alaska. Cold, hurt and what more, soon hounted by very agressive and big wolfs living in these Alaska woods. With night very often comes the danger and as it is in horror movies, loosing.

Movie is based on short story by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers called Ghost Walker and it director Joe Carnahan shows his feeling for action and drama. Each scene has intensity and you are easily draged into this story. What gives more is actor Liam Neeson who, even in hes soon to be 60's is in excellet psychical shape! His voice and briliantly managed sounds of movie, very naturalistic way, gives scenes even more let's say suddenness.


Seeing people die or more, torn into pieces may be harsh but what truly stuns you are sudden switches between Ottways' (Neeson) flashbacks with his passed wife and action dramatic moments of movie. Scenes in which death is always stronger then life.

What break heart is Liam's face during these flashbacks scenes. Nobody can deny that Liam is an amazing actor, by right in curse now, but one must think, perhaps even he had hiw own flashbacks (Liam's wife tragicly died few years back during ski accident.) The Gray seem then very honnest.

This movie won't suprise you with beeing all so different from other surviving horror movies but it will satisfy you. By either acting, edit or naturality. Movie was shot in British Columbia, what by actors was the coldest place they've ever visited.

I say : 85%